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Thread: What do you have for breakfast....on regular basis

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    What do you have for breakfast....on regular basis

    Looking for ideas so what do ya all have to start the day other than a cup of Java.

    I only get to have eggs once a week the rest its a battle.
    For those who want to stay away from wheat and have cholesterol try a good bowl of Oats. Not the instant stuff but the real deal pure stuff.
    Usually have maple syrup and milk on it.

    Looking for more non wheat ideas anyone got some.

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    How 'bout a bowl of grits - maybe with some onion and cheese.
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    I eat a variety of food for breakfast that most folks eat for dinner - namely vegetables. I like a plate of stir fried broccoli, green beans, and onions seasoned with garlic. Hash browns are another treat. I've even made a baked potato with all the fixings including turkey bacon. Top it off with a piece of raw fruit and a cop of coffee (or 2) and I am ready for my day. I stay far, far away from processed food and try to limit my grains to one serving a day. Toss in an hour or so of exercise daily and I am good to go.
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    Usually orange juice (daily) with cereal composed of oats , honey & pecan with fruit, or blueberry muffins (store bought or made by wife) during the week. On weekends it's usually blueberry pancakes or french toast with varying types of bread, both made by wife, or sausage & eggs.
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    either Cherrios with a banana or a bowl of oatmeal with a little brown sugar on it.
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    Most days at least one coffee, then may switch to Hot Tea. I've been trying some of the greek yogurt, but most days it's oatmeal.

    Are you doing a gluten free diet Rob? My wife has been, which means most meals with her I am too. It's amazing how much stuff has it in it that you wouldn't think about, like gravy and sauces, usually as flour added to thicken it.

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    Oats quite frequently with just some raisins in it. Otherwise Cereal.

    Eggs maybe once a week.

    Sometimes an Egg Beater omlette with mushrooms and a little cheese.

    Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee....
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    Cherrios and raspberries with vanilla yogurt. Some days an omelet with bacon, cheese, tomatoes, sweet peppers, mushrooms and whatever veggie in the refrigerator. Maybe a muffin. Water, lots and lots of water. No coffee here.

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    Nothing. Oh, a big glass of water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Nothing. Oh, a big glass of water.
    Add a cigarette and you have the famous Mexican breakfast.

    I have Cheerios if I'm having cereal, toast and egg, sausage or bacon, orange juice. The orange juice reminds me to take my pills. Seriously - if I don't at least think about orange juice I'm likely to forget to take the pills.

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