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Thread: Congratulations Russia

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    Congratulations Russia

    Well we just watched the opening ceremony of Sochi. And it was breath taking. Incredibly creative. They sure made a great job of revamping the image of Russia and showing its history and evolution. Artistic creative talent really impressive.

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    I agree.

    I didn't make it to the end but I got in 95% of the ceremonies.

    That was an impressive show.

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    Certainly was more impressive than the reports I've seen of the accomodations they've put up!
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    I was very impressed with what I watched. The very beginning when they showed pictures of Russia and the art and thing. Absolutely beautiful.

    But, I am very disappointed with NBC. They keep feeling it is necessary to bring in politic and point out the negative. This is the Olympics, can't we forget that stuff and concentrate on the athletes and the games.....
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