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Thread: Hi from Michigan

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    Hi from Michigan

    Hey everyone. I've always wanted to learn how to work with wood and since I moved to Michigan about 10 years ago I've been playing around with it, buying the tools I would need and attempting small things. I'm 55 and that may be a bit late to start, but I'm enjoying it. I have a friend that will show me how to use my tools, but there is lots more to learn. In my part of NC, where I'm originally from, women don't even mow the yard let alone run a saw. I'll post pics of some of the things I've built. Mostly I've tried seeing what I could build out of pallet lumber, because if I mess it up I haven't lost anything. It's amazing how good you can make that old lumber look!

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    Welcome aboard, Pam. We're never too old to learn woodworking. Heck, at 55, you'd probably pretty close to the average age around here. And we've got a lot of folks who are willing to help newbies along, so don't hesitate to ask questions.
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    Welcome to the family Pam, make a head start and post some pics, we love them all! We always say the same here " No pics, didn't happen!
    Best regards,

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    Welcome Pam !!!!!!
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    Hi and welcome from another Michigander

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    Re: Hi from Michigan

    Welcome Pam, or should it be Pamela .
    Either way great to have you around and hope you enjoy your stay. Never to old to learn new things. :thumbup:

    sent from s4

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    Hi Pam WELCOME.

    Pam - I would just LOVE to hook you up with Elizabeth from Camden SC.

    She is in the same boat as you are in.

    Uhhhh - maybe not. You are more advanced than she is.

    I watched Elizabeth buy basic tools, try some basic woodworking and get stuff done.

    It took a few years - she also started in her mid 50's - I take it - you started in your mid 40's.

    Pam - Elizabeth has done things that are truly museum quality. She has surpassed what most men would be afraid to even start.

    Elizabeth did NOT use plans of kits or anything of the sort. She designed her own.

    She is humble - goodness is she humble. She does not think she is good, and she does not think she is experienced.

    What a loving heart she is.

    She is not a member here on Family, and she will most likely not join in here.
    NOT because there is anything wrong here, but because she found a little place of her own, and that is all she wants.

    If you like - I can contact her and give here you contact email or something like that.

    I would like to encourage you - I know many women around the world that have helped me to understand what I do.
    YOU - can do it too.

    Welcome to Family.

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    I didn't own a tool besides a screwdriver, pliers and hammer until I was 51. I didn't start working with hardwoods or building anything but outdoor chairs until I was 53. Im turning 59 next month. 55 is a fine age to start woodworking.
    welcome to the club, show off some of your work here.
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    Welcome, Pam, we can always use anotherr gal's perspective! Plunge right in. The guys are nice. There is a lot of banter. but don't mind them. Just banter right along with'em. If you have been lurking, you know everyone is very helpful, so just ask. Like every other place, 5 answers will turn up 7 answers or more, some of them even agreeing with one another! You already got the no pictures, didn't happen speech. The other one is, edit your profile and tell us where in Michigan you are. There are a number of guys from there and you might be surprised how close they are. Each of them would be happy to help in person if need be. Finally, there is a bearded guy called the Ambassador who blusters about and visits family members a lot. Under the curmudgeonly surface he is a sweetie, so don't let him intimate you. )You are welcome, Larry!)

    Enjoy the gang, Pam. You could not have found a better bunch.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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