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Thread: Different projects

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    Different projects

    Not sure if this is the right place for this. I can't find all the pictures I wanted to show and please keep in mind all of these were made using pallet or reclaimed lumber. I've also getting into wood carving so there is a bit of that too.

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    Excellent work on all of the projects you showed, Pam!

    I've used a little pallet wood before. Where did you get your reclaimed wood?
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    Oh, you are playing with us! That all looks like pro work to me, espically compared to what I produce. Very nice work. Could we interest you in building a street organ??
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    Those are beauties Pam. I really like that little guy with the beard. He looks kinda familiar

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    The guy with the bear is beyond a doubt cool, but the little welcome sign is right up my alley. You really nailed the "mushroomness" of the mushroom carving, very nifty.

    Your planting boxes are very similar to some I did a while back out of some scrap cedar fence pieces from when I moved to our current house. However you avoided some on the issues I had, specifically on the corners. I "cleverly" mitered the corners, your connection strategy is undoubtedly superior. Doing it over again I'd half lap the corners

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    Most of the wood came from the house in the fence picture. We bought the house to remodel 5 years ago. It was in terrible shape but we moved in and started work while living in it. The idea was to make it livable first and then get it the way we want it. I intend to build new cabinets for the kitchen, but there are so many ways to build cabinets and everyone says their way is the best way. And money is definitely an issue. I'm almost afraid to start. I also want to build something like a L shaped breakfast nook with a trestle table and bench, but I want it to sit in the middle of the wall and have a built in shelves on the side that shows to the room. I have lots of plans and not enough skill to pull them off I'm afraid. Thanks everyone, I was worried that my work would look childish next to everyone else's.

    I have a lot more photos of the house and other projects on my Web site if anyone is interested. Ignore the name, I've used it for a lot of things since I purchased the name over 15 years ago. Now it is just a place to show my son the work we've done. He was overseas at the time.

    Some of the photos didn't come up.

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    You are a talented lady Pam

    The dining room table is beautiful, did you build that ?
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    Yes, don't laugh but it's built out of 2 x 6's. And it's just pine, not even furniture quality wood. But it still turned out decent. Took about 4 months because I didn't have a planer then, so hours and hours worth of hand planning and sanding, in the middle of winter with no heat in the garage.

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    Pam, you are very talented, more than you give yourself credit for. I think you are doing fine in flatwork and carving. I know Larry would be furious to hear my suggestion but you just need to add turning to your skill set.
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    You think youre work might be childish? that table? fence?
    that is most excellent work pam, youre more than ready to tackle a simple thing like a kitchen or island.
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