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Thread: Dyes sample pack

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    Dyes sample pack

    Well old gray beard in Michigan got me going in spray finishing and he has kicked off another round of investigation in me that led to me wanting to purchase some dye to mess with. Thanks Larry.

    So i got looking at Homestead finishing and see that Joe Woodworker also sells the transtint dye but at $15 plus it gets pricey fast when you just want to mess with this stuff.

    So i looked up another Jeff in the finishing business in Canada where i got my target coatings finish from and he has pretty much the same type of dye as transtint but in a more economical starter kit for a hobbyist to get their feet wet and try out this type of dye.

    Company is called Wood Essence and the starter kit has 6 little 15ml bottles that can make up a half quart or liter of the the dye. $26.95

    Check it out here.

    I check with this Jeff and he said the while the colors they make may not be directly the same as the Homestead ones they basically use the same raw materials. So there is no specific cross over in the colors.

    But it serves as a low cost way of trying your hand at this kind of thing for small projects.

    I dont have any stake in either entities just for the record. All i am is a happy customer of Woodessence for target coatings both from a price and service and delivery point of view.

    Now all i need is the weather to speed up and change so we can get outside to spray.

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    Rob; I recommend getting the 12 15ml samples and ask for the extra orange at the same time. Jeff will know. It ran me about $40.00 a few years back!
    I see it's running @ %50.00 now!
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    Rob you can also get dry dye's and make your own stain. You can go either water dye or aniline . I use to use these all the time but made a switch to ready made for consistency.
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