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Thread: Planer Setup

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    Planer Setup

    My Dewalt 733 planer is starting to snipe on the leading edge after I changed the blades this weekend. Before the blade change everything was fine. I tried adjusting the infeed/outfeed tables so that they would be level with the main table and still get about 1000th of an inch only on the leading edge. It's never on the trailing edge. I even made the infeed a little higher and still not good.

    I know the locking mechanism for the cutter head is working because I just changed a broken locking strap that I found to be the initial issue with it only causing snipe on one side of the planer. I think the strap finally gave way after the blades were changed. The head appears to be locking correctly. Too many gremlins in the shop!

    Any ideas?

    There use to be an online article about this but the web site is no longer around.

    Thanks! Mike
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    Mike, if I was only getting 1/1000 of a inch of snipe, I'd be kissing the ground and thanking my lucky stars. I get more along the lines of 1/10 inch, on both the leading and trailing ends, but then again I've just got the lowly Delta TP305 Snipemaster.

    Sorry I'm not more help.
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    Vaughn - I think I got it dialed in now. I adjusted the tables to be slightly on the high side. I'm now down to about 1/2000th!

    I checked an older piece of stock that I plned before the knife change and it seems that my adjustments are an approvement.

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    Sounds like you've got it Mike. I adjust the in and out tables on my DW734 to be about a dime's height above the platen at the outer edge. Sometimes called 'the ten cent solution'. I tend to run snipe free most of the time. I do get an occasional unexpected snipe now and again but a second pass will remove it (?).

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