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Thread: Old School Curling

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    Old School Curling

    Way back when, I curled on a rink made inside an old world war two Quonset hut on Ft. Richardson Alaska, we used a real curling broom, not one of those swiffer mops they use today. Mine had a leather strap in the middle between the bristles for extra umph. I don't know when they went away, but I miss them and the sound they made. It's really a pretty sedentary sport, but at least those old style beaver tail brooms made you work up a sweat. I can't believe they figured out how to tone down the workout. At least they didn't take away the thermos with brandied coffee

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    I love to watch the curling. And yes, I miss the slapping sound!
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    Now this is "Old School Curling"!

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