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Thread: More information for newbie assistance

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    More information for newbie assistance

    Given the responses thus far, I need to clarify a few things.

    Woodworking has many disciplines. I am starting with flat woodworking. My candidate may have a few woodworking tools, probably not top of the line, even downright cheap. He/she may have a few simple projects under their belt, maybe none of them what they had hoped to achieve. Maybe they may have no tools and no experience. That is also good.

    Also, I do not plan to use any of my bigger, higher quality power tools for this project. I am currently shopping for a used bench top table saw with or without a fence as the 'heart' of this project. I will go from there, applying my knowledge to make the least modest shop highly functional, capable of turning out very nice, well executed items.

    BTW, just so you know how basic I plan to start, the first purchase is a roll of string - but not just ANY string. Intrigued yet?

    But there is more. The information will be developed so those with more tools and higher quality tools you will learn which features are most desirable and how to integrate them in what you have or plan to buy. The greater knowledge is for everyone, no matter their experience. Those are the essentials for woodworking, no matter your tooling or experience. How to plan a project. What to look out for in plans you didn't draw and avoid common pitfalls. When to purchase what. Wood is not the first thing to buy or acquire! Best joinery for the function of the project. Hardware - or not.

    There will be simple tools and jigs to build. Even clamps. Tons of resources and links. The importance of a 'bench' real early in the process of learning and why. Learning to design and draw your own project based on your desires and needs. Keeping it simple and dipping into the shallower waters of SketchUp with the plan to dive deeper in the future.

    I will also interview some of you for the purpose of recording your procedure of building an item. What do you think of first, then second, etc., and why you choose to do it that way. I may also recruit more experienced woodworkers for the middle and later parts of the book for assistance to try out proof of concept to keep the book relevant and easy for all to understand. But first things first. First the newbie with desire, a few bucks, some time, and bunch of enthusiasm.
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