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Thread: ROS Table

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    ROS Table

    I have seen a few versions of this sort of thing. I was about to toss out some scrap from an old RTA stereo cabinet that I had already cannibalized for my spindle sander risers. I thought before I committed the scrap to the land fill, I would try a mock-up of a ROS table to see if one could earn its space consumption in my shop. The idea here is to give you a ROS action at a predictable angle for working small or irregular parts.

    I keep some threaded rod around and had scavenged inserts and so forth from other items prior to sending them to their eventual resting place . . . somewhere, anywhere out of my shop . My version will clamp in a vise but I have seen versions on skids that clamp to the bench via hold downs. I was interested in making it as small as I could while still keeping it useful.

    There was a period of time when Klingspor's Woodworking Shop was selling re-badged Bosch tools at a reasonable price. They got out of this line and clearanced a bunch of stuff. I love my Bosch 1295VS (discontinued) so I grabbed one of Klingspor's versions. That was years ago and I think it may find a home in this jig. The table is adjustable forward and back to allow easier paper changes. I need to be cautious when tightening things down to assure that I don't accidentally crush the sander body .

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    I have a foot pedal that I keep near the bench and use for router mortising and other frequent on/off tasks. It triggers a vac so the sander and vac work in concert. In the second to last picture I have already sanded all the pulls you see in the last picture. Dust collection seems to be surprisingly good .

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It took me just bit longer to make the jig than I would have spent sanding these pulls by hand. I can already see that this is a keeper. There is some additional bracing that I will add to better support the table arms and after running it for awhile, I may make a version 2 out of something other than an old stereo cabinet .
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    I have seen a version or three of this, but this is very good, useful and well made.

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    Unlike Roger, I've not seen anything like this before. Nicely done, Glenn.

    And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who uses shower curtains as drop cloths in the shop.
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    Smart idea Glenn

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    Nice Glenn! I don't think I've ever seen anyone make as many fixtures as you do. You must be the fixture king of FWW. Yet there seems to be a place for everything and everything is in its place.
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    Re: ROS Table

    Glenn nice jig and idea. Guess this is way more manageable and less risky than using a more aggresive machine. Clever idea for small part sanding.

    sent from s4

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