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Thread: Large Kitchen Cabinetry Job

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    Large Kitchen Cabinetry Job

    I finally got this job done 3 weeks ago. After getting a late start, then losing an employee, having problems with the city, having the finisher screw things up, and moving my shop I finally got this one completed. *collapse* That said, I am really happy with how this job came out, and it's quite nice to have in my portfolio. Looking forward to what 2014 brings!

    The attached photos are the main kitchen, walk-in pantry, and master bath. I also made cabinets for two other baths and the laundry room.

    - Hutch
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kitchen 1.jpg   Kitchen 2.jpg   Pantry 1.jpg   Pantry 2.jpg   Vanity 1.jpg  

    Vanity 2.jpg

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    looks good hutch, what did you use for the doors? were the insides painted to?
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    those are nice! Looks like you snuck in a pic of your self in the mirror too.....or you have a young Larry helping.
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    I'm gonna go with 'awe struck' on this one. Really beautiful work Hutch.
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    Beautiful job Hutch!
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    Really solid work Hutch. I really like the kitchen, that's a classic clean look you did there! Always enjoy seeing your output.

    Hoping your next project has a little less drama around the edges!

    Do you outsource the counter tops and glass work or is some of that in house as well?

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    That is one incredible kitchen
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    Beautiful Hutch!
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    Wow, what a great project, well done!

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    The owners must be thinking "it was well worth the wait". Beautiful job.
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