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Thread: Friday is here again!

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    Friday is here again!

    The quality work really of my orthopedic surgeon really proved itself yesterday morning as I took a very nasty fall on my front steps. While shoveling the snow off I slipped on the ice (under snow) giving both my knee and ankle a very painful twist. I had a total knee replacement less than a year ago and that it really scared me as I immediately thought the worse – that it may have “torn” apart. I got up after a few minutes and to my surprise the knee felt good and solid, surprisingly solid as I walked around on it; couldn’t believe it. I know for certain that had it been the other knee some serious damage would have occurred. I am walking around with no discomfort to the knee, but as for my sprained ankle (on the same leg) that is another story: swelling, much icing and Tylenol required.
    So, I’m basically trying to stay off my foot. Yet there is a strong call from the shop to continue working on JoAnn’s next jewelry box. We’ll see what happens.
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    Working on a 60+ year old children's pull along wagon for a friend to pass along to his daughter. Too many nails! It has some split wood on the removable railings that I will replace. The thing has airplane tires on it. I'd guess about 8" diameter. He insists they are the original tires. Incredible. I believe his granddad made it for him. Also repairing a split stool made by the same gentleman about the same number of years ago. Interesting that things made that long ago are still in good shape, in everyday use, and repairable. What a concept!

    Was gonna move this next week but the spot I reserved has not been vacated. Bummer.

    Twiddling my thumbs in Yuma, AZ.

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    Working ........ maybe get in a bike ride if the weather is forgiving. Looking for the next subject to paint. I think a Loon and her 2 chicks.
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    Been working on my taxes off and on for the past few days. Not a happy camper

    I just received the inlay kit that I bought on sale from MLCS. After practicing a bit I'm going to inlay a heart on the table top of the vanity I'm building for my grand daughter. I've never tried to inlay anything before so it should be fun

    My wife has school vacation next week so I'm sure that she has some plans for me. I know that she wants the wall paper on the down stairs bathroom stripped and the walls painted. So I'm sure that I'll get stuck with that job I'd rather chew aluminum foil than paint.

    She will also be spending some time with our daughter and new grandson.

    I need to run to the lumber yard to pick up a few lengths of beech to build the bench for the vanity and find a fabric store to get some foam and fabric for the seat cushion.
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    Still crawling around on hands and knees putting in the kitchen floor. Just the pantry and a small hall area remain. Hurray!

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    I've been helping my son and DIL move into their new house, and out of mine. Probably a little more of that this weekend. Yester day I assembled two tables and a bed for them. Best day I've had in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hawksford View Post
    Working ........ maybe get in a bike ride if the weather is forgiving. Looking for the next subject to paint. I think a Loon and her 2 chicks.
    There is always that picture of that squirrel you showed here a little while back....

    I am spending the weekend building a jig to make it possible for me to drill evenly spaced holes on a round object, i.e. spoke wheels for my toys. Got a picture of such a jig, that works on the drill press.

    Watch some Olympics and pout because the Canadians seem to keep getting the best of the U.S.

    Nurse a cold I came home with after visiting my Grandson. I get sick every time I go see any of them, maybe I'm allergic to them. Oh well they are worth it.
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    Packing...two more pen to get out and that's it for the shop.
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    Saturday - going to Bridgeport Ct. to visit my grandkiddys, Son and DIL

    Sunday - Home Show in Boston trying to get ideas on remodeling my house.
    I will be hiring an interior designer to help with this.

    I can build anything - but I cannot select paint colors

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    Today, LOML and started by taking our youngest cat to the vet for a followup exam and blood work. You'd hardly know it from her activity, but turns out she has some issues we'll have to treat with diet. The worst part was having to wait out an early storm system, then dodge rain drops to and from the vet's office. Other than that, my wife and I are trying to catch up on rest from our recent trip.

    Saturday, I should have some shop time - finally. I'm still trying to get the oak parts for our queen platform bed project prepped for dye and finish.

    Sunday's main effort will be brunch, followed by setting up for the Daytona 500. NASCAR is back!!!!!
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