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Thread: WW Book, second question

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    WW Book, second question

    What motivated you to get involved in woodworking?

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    my dad worked in a lumber yard and as a kid i always wanted to be a carpenter, had some old guys back then that i looked up to and wanted to be like them, after i got into grade school i was given the first taste of the real deal and it progressed from there. had two very good shop teachers and the summers i helped dad at work till iwas old enough to actually be hired there at 14 and worked 72 hrs a week during the summer and any day i had off school i was there. got to meet alot of the builders and some cabinet and window makers..
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    The fact that I like to work with my hands, and I could make things I either couldn't find or afford.

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    I wanted a couple bookcases and did not want to pay big bucks.
    (also, dad was a carpenter so I was not at all scared of tools)
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    Ever since I was raised on a farm & had to be a self-reliant DIY, I've preferred to employ my own skills rather than those of others, thinking i could do at least as well, if not better than most. Plus, the satisfaction & cost has always been better, except when I blunder.
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    This was a gradual progression. I have had a keen interest in learning wood working for a long time, but with a family, two kids and (at least) two jobs, wood working was relegated to the day dreaming time slots. Since retiring from one of my jobs I have a little more time available.

    Home owners are continually needing to build or fix something (at least I hope that I am not the only one!) In that regard you have several options:
    Pay someone else to do it
    Do it yourself
    Do it yourself with help

    Having done it all three ways I prefer versions 2 or 3. While versions 2 or 3 are frequently less expensive (but not always!) I usually find them more satisfying.

    The majority of my home fixing jobs have been smallish (tile a room or two, fix a book shelf…) This last year I would up having a 30 x 40 pole barn built by a local company, which I then finished the inside by myself (with some occasional help from friends) This project was more substantial and took 4 months. Once this was completed I had access to my garage. I had been teaching martial arts and fitness from my garage for the last 10 years. Once I had my pole barn built I was able to move all of my mats and equipment into the new building leaving my garage available for cars and a small shop! This was the first time in 54 years that I have been on the planet when I was able to park my vehicle in my garage!

    In the process of putting together a small workshop in my garage, one of my students wound up trading an inherited table saw for some private lessons. Another student loaned me an extra lathe. So now I found myself with a imbalance of tools vs skills!

    So of late I have been scouring the internet for skill building projects and look forward to all of the new skills that I intend to pick up here!

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    I always respected and was in awe of my Dad. He was a very talented jack of all trades and master of most. There just seemed to me there was nothing he couldn't do and do very well if he put his mind to it. He gave us kids free run of the garage and to tools he had and encouraged us to build things, often working right beside us on project. Back when I was a kid you played outside, built things and worked with you hands. We were very fortunate to have the experience. Most kids don't get introduced to such things these days. Anyway, I always loved the wood working and he always encouraged it. I was a lucky boy to have such a Dad.
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    I always enjoyed working with my hands and when I was young I did a little woodworking but never had the time for it in my adult life. I am retired now and my spinal arthritis has gotten so bad I can't play golf anymore, so I decided it was time to get into back woodworking. I bought some machines and I am now in the learning process and enjoying every minute of it. I enjoy making things and it's something I feel I will still be able do even as my arthritis gets worse.

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    Passed down from father to son. I was Dad's conscript labor and gopher during the building of three boats, and two houses. At the time I'd rather been off playing, but the skills learned have come in handy, so no regrets. As a newlywed, necessity dictated making my own furniture and it's been that way ever since. If it's wood related, I'd rather do it myself than pay someone else to do it.

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    My father had an assortment of tools around the garage, but mostly did a few carpentry type projects around home. When I was about 8, I remember him building a small table for a record player and doing quite a nice finish on it. When I got to 9th grade, the junior high school offered a woodshop class that dad encouraged me to take and it sounded interesting to me, also. I completed a couple of flatwork projects and one turned bowl - got good grades on all of them. After that, I didn't do very much until later in life.

    From time to time, I'd hack together items for the kids but not anything I'd brag about today! I remained interested in building things and graduated to doing a pergola over a patio at one house, then a deck and swing/climbing set at another house. Like a lot of people, I began to watch NYW on a regular basis and saw several things I thought I'd like to try some day. Finally, around 1998 I took the plunge and started buying better tools.

    Between reading woodworking magazines and watching TV programs like NYW and other DIY stuff, I saw there was no reason I shouldn't be 'brave' enough to use something besides cheap pine to make things. My first venture into 'real' wood was getting some cherry from a local supplier to build a quilt rack to mount on a wall. Although I had seen and heard about how nice cherry was to work with, I couldn't believe just how nice it really was until I starting milling it. Then, when I got the the finish stage, I was even more impressed! Needless to say, I was hooked!!!

    As they say, the rest is history.
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