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Thread: Found this today

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    Found this today

    No matter how I research lathes this lathe still comes out as the best bang for the buck. IMO
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    I agree the Grizzly seems to be great bang for the buck, but with a lot of caveats. Grizzly obviously cut a lot of corners in making their lathe. No handwheel? Are you kidding? And who designed the spindle? Obviously someone who has no idea how a chuck is supposed to mate with a spindle. Classic example of non-turners designing turning tools. The whole "power off the VFD" thing is flat-out ridiculous. That's not a cost-saving measure, it's purely shortsighted design, again likely done by a non-turner. And you should never have to wrestle the tailstock to remove it. Sure, you can cut the bolt shorter, but yet another example of poor design. This guy might consider the differences to be minor, and in some cases they can be overcome with a bit of work and modification, but it's still a poorly-designed piece of equipment.

    That all said, I don't like the guy in the video, because he's making and selling direct rip-offs of tools designed by two of my friends. He needs to go invent his own stuff instead of stealing other peoples' designs. And because of my attitude about the guy, my tendency would be to take anything he says (or recommends) with a huge grain of salt.
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