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Thread: Old projects

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    Old projects

    I was into reptiles for a long while, nothing real big or wild, garter snakes from all over the US, bearded dragons, Australian water dragons, corn snakes, hog nosed snakes, and brown snakes. I had to cut way back because it became too expensive to care for them all. Now I just have 1 Australian water dragon, but I still have a lot of cages that I built. I was a little proud of the water dragon's cage even though he outgrew it and now runs loose in the house. The one with the baby bearded dragons in it was built from pallet lumber, the others from pallet lumber and melamine boards. Threw in a pic of my little helper, anytime I'm working on something he has to come check it out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love your "little helper." Does it help you as much as a two year old child or does it refrain from breaking things?

    The favorite book of my oldest son, Greg was a reptile book. I don't remember his age, however the book was one of those soft cloth books they give to very young children. When he was in high school, his favorite book was a beautiful Reptile Book. His room was lined with (Heck, I cannot spell it) snake cages. We had a 5 foot California King that pretty much had the run of the house. One of his favorite perches was the chandelier over the dining room table. It was amazing how far he could climb up using only the wall and the 3/8" thick trim around a door.

    I can't remember the King's name. I do not remember the King and George, the pet tarantula having any conflict.

    What do you do to keep your little helper where you don't step on him/her?

    Greg's mother did make him take a small rattlesnake back where he got it and turn it loose. That was TOO much to have in a house even in a "cage."

    Animals, birds, even insects seemed to love Greg. If he was out in the dirt playing with toy cars, or whatever, he would stick his finger out and a nearby butterfly or grasshopper would land on it.

    Enjoy your little helper,
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    Cujo spends a lot of time in the tool room, I built a carpet covered ramp for him up to one of the work tables so he doesn't spend much time in the floor unless I am working on something, then he has to come climb up me to see if it's eatable. Plus his pool and heat lamp are in there. Lizards are generally lazy pets, he only comes looking for me if he wants something to eat or if I'm busy and would rather he stayed away. I would think a rattlesnake would be a very bad pet, how would you dare hold him? He's never broken anything, somehow he manages to get into everything without knocking anything breakable off. I used to have some of the most beautiful garter snakes you've ever seen, it killed me to give them away.

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    Some nice looking cages, for sure. I could not have a snake in the house. I haven't been to my brother-in-law's house for over 10 years because he has snakes! Well he tells me he does, maybe not, maybe he just doesn't want me to visit.....

    Got to admit that second one pictured is kinda pretty though. Lizards, I like, and would have one if my wife would allow it. How smart are lizards? Do they actually interact with you or are they just, there?
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    Can you say, "gives me the willy's!" (or is it willies?). Never been a reptile guy. Do appreciate the work on your cages. I did go through a spell where I had a cage of newts. Even flame bellied ones. But that was the extent for me. I prefer my old dogs and horses.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    nice cages pam but when you come to visit you can leave your snakes and lizards at home or you wont see much of me but my back side leaving the other direction
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    Everyone needs one of those in their toolbox ;-) Great stuff Pam. Thanks for sharing it.
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    I love snakes.

    as long as they are in strong cages, sedated, non lethal, and in a secure building 8 miles from where I am at any given time.

    funny, when I was a kid, my buddy had a few snakes, turtles, lizards, and it never bothered me to hold them or play with them.
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    Got to say I like the cages also. My wife has a phobia of snakes. So nothing like that can enter the yard. But here in the shop I have a few Black Rat snakes. Keep the mice population down.
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    Nice cages indeed, Pam. Add me to the list of non-reptile guys. I seem to be a dog and cat magnet, but just never felt comfortable around snakes and lizards. Won't keep me from visiting someone's house or anything, but I'm not real interested in handling them. Not enough fur, I guess.
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