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Thread: Collapsable Guitar

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    Collapsable Guitar

    I've never see one like this before (which isn't saying much) I can't imagine it being very stable in the long run.
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    Wow, that's pretty cool. I've not seen one quite like that. Stability-wise, it's hard to say from the photos, but the hinge and latch does look like it's built to tight tolerances. If that's the case, chances are it's as stable (and sonically continuous) as a typical bolt-on neck.
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    Yep cool stuff...over half of my air guitars fold in a similar fashion
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    Harvey Leach demonstrated an acoustic one a few years ago at the local club. I got to play it ... out of tune as it was. Interesting concept... but i dunno how durable that hinge is.
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    So I can pretty much understand the electrics.. I mean they aren't that complex acoustically in relative terms.. the ones that kill my brain are the acoustics which this same company makes.

    The other instrument that I thought was pretty interesting was the "pochette violin" (google search) also known as a "dance masters violin" which is essentially a miniature violin. Looking at those lead to a bunch of reading on chladni patters ( and bell plates ( which somewhat mirror how violin resonance works.. crazy stuff. I have no idea how anyone ever figured any of this out originally.

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