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Thread: My left eye

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    My left eye

    OK. Update on the eyes.

    I cracked my head hard a few weeks ago. Saw stars. A day or so later I had a shower of floaters that lasted a couple of days. Now I have enough 'junk' in my left eye from the broken blood vessel as to be absolutely annoying. Not to mention rather serious.

    The doc said it is no longer bleeding but there is evidence of past bleeding in both eyes. No hypertension but diabetes is an issue. I bruise easily and often my nose bleeds when I blow it. None of this is good. Doc said not much they can do except wait and see what happens. I have both a nutritionist and herbalist that have been helping me keep my blood sugar in check. That seems to be under control.

    I do watch my diet carefully and will be even more diligent with an intentional low glycemic foods journal. My nutritionist says absolutely no caffeine or canola oil. Both are bad for blood vessels. My herbalist has me on eye and blood vessel nutrients. My doc wants me to see a retina specialist. That will happen soon. And Jim Bradley is helping sort all this out.

    I am taking this very seriously. I know I have been persistent is asking for support for my brother. And that worked out very well. I am going to be very selfish here and ask for your support again. Thanks folks. You are the greatest!

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    You have our support as you already know, But you have had enough problems to last for a while, so I am wondering if your guardian angel is taking a coffee break? Anyhow, prayers are coming your way, and I wish you the very best.
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    We will keep you in out thoughts and Prayers Girl Just get better.
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    Prayers sent up. You've been through a lot this last year. It is time to take care of yourself.

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    you better straightun up i told you to behave when i left and it doesnt sound like you have been doing that.. yu need to take better care of yourself girl:0 i will do my part for you
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    Sending my best from here, Boss.
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    Will do Carol, take it easy on yourself.

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    I will be praying for you.
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    I had a similar experience in the 80s. At that point I'd had type 1 diabetes for 17 years, and suddenly lost the sight in my left eye to bleeding. Over the next three years or so I had loss of vision in one eye or the other, and for a short time in both. I underwent more than 16 laser treatments, and two surgeries. The good news is that they can fix stuff like this. I haven't had serious problems with my retinas since then, and I can see more than well enough to drive, but not well enough to read the small print on a medicine bottle. Be strong; medical science is wonderful!

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    Request sent!
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