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Thread: Floating house!

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    Floating house!

    Working as a Home Inspector it's things like this that make your day. This is small laundry room off the carport. The floor is a suspended concrete slab. Rear of the house had some serious settlement issues so they hired someone to level the house.

    Now, this just ain't right!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Funny thing it looks like this on three sides.

    Found another photo of this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like the slab isn't all that's 'suspended'

    You must run into some doozies.

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    Man, I guess they don't live in a earthquake zone

    Keep them funny pics coming!

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    Steve Clardy Guest

    Are those shims under the sill plate and slab

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    Did the slab raise when the building was re-leveled? How did they do the re-leveling?

    My dad was a foundation engineer (among other things), and when I was working for him we dealt with several houses that had settled. One in particular had 12 inches of elevation difference from one corner of the den to the other. On that house (and a few others in the same pricey subdivision), we had a contractor remove the slab on grade and concrete foundation out from under the house (re-leveling the bottom plate of the walls with jacks as they went), then we installed monolithic slab/foundations, reinforced with post-tensioned cables, up to the bottoms of the walls. The slab/foundations were designed to cantilever 1/3 or span 2/3 of the 2-story house footprint. Once we were done, those houses would have made nice houseboats...those slabs were gonna stay together.

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    The house appeared to have settled on the laundry room end in the pictures. And then in the middle of the back wall. Looks like it settled 2 to 3 inches. So they went in with the foundation jacks/supports. Concrete stands with jack screws in the top. Then place a 4x4 on top of that and start jacking. So what your are seeing Steve is the 4 by 4.

    Floors are very level now but there are cracks in the drywall. Baseboard that are not flush with the floors etc. Sort of swapped one problem for another.

    Vaughn, the laundry was a suspended slab so they could crawl under it to install the jacks.

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