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Thread: It's Friday! - 2/28/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 2/28/2014 Edition

    TGIF! We're supposed to get some rain today that may turn into sleet, then tomorrow/Sunday they are expecting 2"-4" of the white stuff. Luckily I'm planning to stay in and work on the family room and start on some flooring finally. I may get some shop or guitar time in on Saturday during the day since my daughter is working tonight and will be sleeping tomorrow for her next shift Saturday night through Monday, so will resume flooring late Saturday and all day Sunday.

    What's everyone else have going?

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    did taxes, about to do the heavy lift shopping at costco....
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    Busy weekend, but no wood stuff on the calendar.

    Tonight I'm gonna hit up a country dance class after work, then visit a friend's dog that I'm dogsitting this weekend. (My 140 pound Malamute girlfriend Mokoga. She LOVES me.) Then my brother-in-law and I are heading out to hear a friend's band at a local club. (The same place where we played Tuesday night.)

    Saturday I've got some backlogged photo and website work I need to get done, and I'll also be working on a newsletter for a shooting club I belong to. Then more rock and blues escapades Saturday night with Ryan McGarvey, a local kid who's done real well internationally. (Voted as Guitar Player Magazine's Best New Talent for 2013.)

    Sunday, I'll be trying to get some rest, and finishing whatever I put off on Saturday.
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    Catching up on sleep in my own bed! Naps. Lots! Working on new diet. Monday off to CA to make some arrangements of a number of things. Trying to get my head back on straight.

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    Staying in tonight, hoping to get rested up. Tomorrow I will have time to get out in the shop, but the high is supposed to be 5, so doubt it will happen. Out with some friends and family to watch the KU v OSU basketball game tomorrow night. Sunday will consist of pushing snow out of the way, making chili all day and watching the oscars.
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    Living room painting & re-trimming a couple of windows ... took delivery of a small genny for freezer back-up and need to give her the ol' once over and some break-in time, but with these sub-zero temps not sure if it's a good idea{thoughts?} a biggo pot of tater soup been simmering all day, should last throughout the weekend...yum!
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    sad, I just watched the morticians carry away my neighbor across the street from me. cops where there all morning, I figured something bad.
    I didn't know her well, said hello, carried in her recycle bin and gargabe pail now and then when it just laid in the street.
    My other neighbor plowed out her walk each snowstorm, like I said, didn't know her well, she was in her 90s, spoke with her children now and then, not much other than hi, hows everything, but its still kinda sad to watch them carry away someone I knew, covered her in a blanket, on the gurney, into the van.
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    I had a fun day in the shop today. (see pic below) Staying busy for the weekend. Chili cook-off tomorrow and a Ren Fair Sunday.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Shop time Saturday. I finished up t he vanity/dressing table for my grand daughter Abby and will now start on the bench seat. I also have to start on a jewelry box for Abby's sister Lizzie. I don't want her feeling bad that she didn't get anything.
    Sunday church, then fixing a lasagna, meatballs and sausages dinner for a bunch of kids and grandkids that are coming over. After the kids leave we have to start on several desserts for 100 people. We volunteer our time, taking turns, along with a bunch others from church, cooking dinner for folks that are having hard times. They are held at the SHARE center in the next town over. There are usually 100 plus people that come every Tuesday.
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    Doing taxes for the third day. Lost my computer & all my TurboTax files last fall. Have to find & enter all data manually. What a drag!

    Occasionally taking breaks to finish up the latest jewelry box.

    Will see the movie One-Stop & then dinner tomorrow evening.
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