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Thread: Getting ready to hit the road!

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    Getting ready to hit the road!

    Celeste and I are packing up and hitting the road to Minneapolis in the morning. I'm not looking forward to all of the poking and prodding to come. My first appointment at the hospital is Monday March 03. I turn 50 on Tuesday March 04. If I'm not mistaken, I think that I'm scheduled for an MRI first thing Tuesday morning, followed by a spinal tap! (what a birthday present eh?) It isn't going to be pleasant, but just maybe it will lead to the best birthday present of all. A CURE!

    I'm a big boy and I can handle a few days of discomfort and tests. It is NOTHING compared to what the poor babies, children, and their families have to deal with. We have to find a cure for this evil disease!

    I'm taking my laptop with me and I'll be able to check in while there, so I'll let you all know how it's going.

    The adventure begins...
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    Good luck John, my boss and his wife were at Mayo earlier in the year. Time well spent.
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    Best your way John, hope all gives your way

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    youre hitting the right road, only good stuff from next week on.
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    May the force be with you
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    good luck and safe travels john!!
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    It sounds like you will be in good hands John. Best wishes for a good report.

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    Best of Luck John! Hope everything works out for you!
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    Ya gotta go where they deal with things daily. Going where your problem is not known or able to be understood due to lack of ability or number of cases dealt with doesn't make sense. Glad you are able to go and get the best docs available. It must be a March thing. I'll be getting poked and prodded the following week in Indy. Will send some prayers your way my friend!
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    My best to ya John,
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