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Thread: Interior decorator

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    Interior decorator

    We are in the planning - prep stage of our remodel project.

    If you had seen my house, you would know the kitchen and living areas are really really badly in need.

    Neither Diane nor I have any interior decorating skill at all.

    None what-so-ever.

    I cannot tell you how helpful it was to have a couple of hours with someone so helpful.

    WOW - now we have an awesome plan.

    I will be posting pics as we get organized.

    This project is going to take a while - but now we know where we are going.

    Actually - I am getting pretty excited about it now.

    I will start a new thread called - Remodel Project - and post some "before" pictures - then build on that thread from that point.

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    Maybe it will inspire me to get something done!
    "We the People ......"

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    All settled in and ready to watch.

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    Enjoy; I'm planning on doing so,
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