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Thread: Steve Southwood, weather report?

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    Steve Southwood, weather report?

    Steve, it looked like you guys got hammered with terrible weather over the weekend. It was North of us for a while, we were in the band and picked up maybe 3-4 inches total, then it was South of us. Are you calving during all of this weather? Hope this finds you and yours all okay.
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    looks like i will be driving in winter weather this year down to see you guys better make sure you got the heat on
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    Survived, lots of ice and about 3 inch of snow on top. 6 plus inches just South of us in the middle of Kentucky. Schools are closed just about everywhere. Very little power outages that are reported. No emergency's at work so I got to stay home.

    Yep, dropping calves. All good so far. Got some good looking calves this year.
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    A little south east of you Steve, we got about 1/10" of ice yesterday morning and 6" of snow last night Fun Fun.roads are cleared for the most part, but the kids are out of school for some reason.
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