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Thread: Stu's table legs....

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    Stu's table legs....

    Stu.....I started turning some spindles for the wheel on Dave Richard's sail boat last night! Turning pummels is exciting......actually,'s not the turning of the pummels that's's the turning you do after you turn the pummels that's exciting!

    Did you know that square corners will rap your knuckles at 4 times the speed you have lathe set at....even it you have a skew in your hand?

    Did you know that the same thing happens when you are sanding?

    I now have more appreciation for the table legs you turned recently!

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Oh ya.
    Them square corners are hard

    How many bandages have you used

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    Yep, them pommels can pummel you for sure

    Speed is the key, the faster the better, really.

    I turned my pummels at about 1500 rpm, any slower and I had more trouble, and you really, REALLY have to look at the top side of the spindle, not the skew that is doing the cutting. Sharp, and I mean shaving sharp edge and a fairly stout skew help as well.

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