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Thread: A Public THANK YOU!

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    A Public THANK YOU!

    There has been some discussion on here about the type of people that are on this forum. I for one have received lots of help and learned a lot since I joined. I have made some real friends also. To which, this is my public THANK YOU. As some know I am into toy wooden car making right now. I showed in one thread a jig I made for drilling holes for spoke wheels. Although I thought my indexing wheel was pretty, I just couldn't seem to get it accurate for what I wanted. So I emailed Mione Hill, I knew he had a CNC machine because he made the gears for my organ. We got on Skype and discussed it and he said he could do. He didn't use his CNC, but some other milling machine he has. Check this out:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Made out of aluminum. All kind of holes for all kinds of indexing! He threw in a nice rod to use for mounting it also. I'm so excited about it I am going to remake the rest of the jig so it is good enough to put this wheel on!

    THANK YOU MIONE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Very cool, Paul. It's great to have friends like Mione that are so generous in helping others out.

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    I just love to see people helping people

    Thank you for the story.

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    Very nice thing he did. What a great group of people we have here.
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    lots of good people around here, lots of them.
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    good for you paul, and for the guy that helped you out
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    Great indexing disc. Thanks to Mione, Family Woodworking comes through again.

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    I think the reason why this forum is as good as it gets is because of the "core group" of senior woodworking professionals that enjoy helping others, giving back, especially to those that are relatively new to woodworking. There are a good number of younger woodworkers as well that contribute what they have learned here on this forum and have applied to their own projects, or pass on their knowledge that they have gained from their own prior personal experience. Plus, there is no fear of asking "how-to" questions because even the seniors have asked those questions before and are happy to provide the answers they have learned.
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