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Thread: She's home again...

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    She's home again...

    My loving wife is finally home again after 2 days shy of a 3 month stay in the hospital and nursing center.... she came down with a septic blood infection on Dec 9, stayed 2 weeks in the hospital before they sent her down to a nursing center for rehab and antibiotic infusion therapy.... then after an MRI on her back, she was ordered back to the hospital for back surgery and a biopsy of the back bone.... they did the biopsy, but the ortho doctor decided not to do back surgery, so another week and half in the hospital where they also did an echo gram of her heart because they were concerned the blood infection might have affected it, there they found her mitral valve leaking and with "vegetation" growth on it.... and decided she might need a valve replacement, but since that hospital didn't do heart valves, she was transferred to another hospital downtown.... there the cardiologist decided that the valve wasn't severe enough to replace and could likely have been leaking for years since she does have atril fibrillation and has had since her early 20's, but it took them 3 days to finally transfer back to the nursing center for anoth4er 4 weeks of antibiotic infusion therapy.... finally Friday they infectious disease doctor said she was able to go home.... she's home...

    But we still need to find out why she has so much pain in her back... initially early on there was a diagnosis of a narrowing of her spine at the L4-L5 vertebrae which in all of this time has still not been addressed.

    But she's home for now.... I think bachelorhood is much overrated.
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    Glad to hear, hope they can figure out the back pain issues soon, take good care of her.

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    Definitely a step in the right direction. Hope she continues to recover.
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    I'll bet she's very glad to be home and on the mend. Take good care of her.

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    I'll just echo what the other guys have already said. Being back home surely will help in her continued healing.
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    I cannot imagine the elation you both are feeling with her home. I am so sorry to hear of the tribulations you two have gone through. May the healing continue!

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    That is such great news Chuck.
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    ^^^ Ditto...great to hear!
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    Congrats on the homecoming. All my best thoughts to you and your wife.
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    I hope they quickly find the source of her back pain and it is not serious.
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