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Thread: Glue clean up question

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    Glue clean up question

    Its been a while since I've been here. Got lots to catch up on and lots of great news to impart.

    But first; I have a question about glue clean up.

    I recently acquired a panel glue up frame and clamps. I will post pictures tomorrow. Suffice it to say that it is great for gluing up panels but it is caked with old, and I mean very old glue clumps. My questions is: Does any body have a good, and hopefully fast, way of dissolving old hardened glue form metal clamps?

    I've tried heat gun, blow torch, hot water but its a slow grueling process. I was hoping someone had a chemical based solution that would just melt that old hard wood glue right off.

    Any suggestions, no matter how bizarre, are welcome.

    Now a bit of news that will make all you guys cry...I opened my new wood shop in a....wait for it......lumber yard!!! I am not kidding you. My shop is in a lumber yard RENT FREE. I do odd jobs around the lumber yard, help with orders and I get a rent free, access to any wood I want (within reason) 1,600 sq ft shop!! Disney here I come. I got power gallor, 120, 220, 440, Dust collecting, 2 stage compressor, and...the very best part, and I mean VERY best part... they have a 48" wide belt sander!!!

    I am going to post pics this week as soon as I get a chance. I also have a very interesting opportunity some of you might be interested in. More later.

    I am in heaven.

    I've missed you guys and I hope I can be on more often.

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    Julio, can't help you with ypur question but just wanted to congratulate you on the opening of your wood shop.
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    Maybe try freezing it (a little judiciously applied dry ice perhaps) and give it a whack with a mallet?

    You might also try acetone.. It dissolves all sorts of stuff.

    And nice deal on the gig in the lumber yard! Look forward to seeing some pics.

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    Congratz on the new shop!

    Here ya go. This stuff works great!
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    If it's a PVA glue, vinegar and warm water may work a little faster than just the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred hargis View Post
    If it's a PVA glue, vinegar and warm water may work a little faster than just the water.
    Looking at the MSDS sheet for de-gluegoo it is methyl cellulose (a thickening agent) and 5% acetic acid (vinegar)
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    Welcome back Julio. We have missed you. Congrats on you new work setup, does sound like a great deal. I love to visit lumber yards just to be near all that wood, love the smell of wood.
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    I'll second the vinegar suggestion if it's typical wood glue.

    And congrats on the new shop. I think I sort of hate a brotherly way, of course.
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    good deal julio,, glad you got this gig going so well..
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    Congrats on your new woodworking shop. And it is complete with goodies!!! What a deal!!!

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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