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Thread: It's Friday! - 3/14/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 3/14/2014 Edition

    I dunno about anyone else, but this week has been a bear after that time change. I think I was still trying to go to bed at the same time as I normally do, but my body just wasn't tired (until morning and I hadn't slept well).

    Tonight I'm hoping to get another coat of mud on the sun room walls and the door casing/jambs painted for that area. Tomorrow we're going to spend the day at the local Snake Saturday parade. Sunday I'll have some sanding and more mudding to do. Hoping to get some shop time in to get things picked up. The shop is a mess after this winter, only spent enough time in it to mess it up, never pick it up.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    The bike comes out this afternoon Might paint this weekend but I think I'll ride. I also need to set up an ambush location for this old Tom in Va .
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    Unpacking still. Shop is coming along to the point I may work on a bowl today. 2 pens yesterday. Learning our way around town and studying for advanced medical certification.
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    Gotta finish pruning the roses and set up this years garden. Might get some broccoli sets in. Planted the peas yesterday.

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    Real estate issues today in preparation for closing escrow next week. Turner's meeting tomorrow. Church on Sunday. In between working on the book.

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    Working on a new audio Video stand Tomorrow and maybe a bit Sunday

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    Brewing up a couple of batches of beer. Some light summer ale and a clone of the Troegs Triple Mango IPA.

    Also have some gardening to do and need to bring the irrigation systems online.
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    Going to try my first attempt at SketchUp on a simple project - a wooden "container" to hold/separate my TS blades & attach the container to the right sight of the TS under the wing for easy storage & access..... that is after I complete a Honey-Do list that never seems to shorten.
    Yard cleanup of the snow that fell yesterday.
    Grilling Sunday's dinner.
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    got a cousins wedding tonight, but my brother and sister are in from florida, so tomorrow night we all go out to dinner, and sunday, we all have brunch before they leave. Good to see them.
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    Playing another gig tonight at a local sports bar & grill. Should be a good crowd, because right after we're done the UNM Lobos are taking on Boise State in the Mountain West Conference basketball semifinals. Just a warm-up before going to the big dance, hopefully.

    Schedules permitting, I'll get together with my dad for a while on Saturday and look online at some knife scales so he can choose what type of wood he wants on the new Damascus hunting knife blank he bought last week. Once the scales are picked out, I can get started on putting it all together for him.

    Other than that, no firm plans, although my weekends have a tendency of filling up whether I try to fill them or not.
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