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Thread: Hobby Craft Die Cutting machine

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    Hobby Craft Die Cutting machine

    Hi All

    Do any of your or your wives have a hobby type craft die cutting machine that is used in scrapbooking. I am looking for some input from a real user.

    All i have found in research is all over the place on every different unit. I guess its not the land of the techies scrapbooking so some of the reviews are probably bad simply out of lack of understanding. But i saw enough to put me off buying anything.

    I simply want to do some die cutting on card stock and very basic too. Dont want to have to feed one sheet at a time with backer, hoping that there is a unit someone has experienced where one can lay card stock in and have it go at it and cut a bunch just like you would printing a document with a color laser printer.

    Thanks for any assistance of experience.

    Also dont look like these things are that popular as a whole not easy to find too many places that carry them up here. Those i have found dont have stock. Lots of manual units around and a few proprietary types.

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    we have a friend that has a accu cut machine for material rob if that is what your looking at and she loves it..has had it for 5yrs and its still going strong.. criket makes a scrap book cutter..
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    Thanks Larry I will look into that one.

    Here is a blog post of the type I am talking about. This is the "top ten" according to the blogger but we all know what that means in todays world.

    One of the machines she mentions is actually discontinued i found out some posts i found make one understand why.

    The one that looks like the all singing and dancing machine is the silver bullet

    I looked at the Cricut but most of these need a mat, its the old story of trying to make the machine so universal that it kills the idea. To compete they all claim to cut everything and we all now by now this means compromise or settings out the ying yang. Also price range varies from over $1000 all the way down to $100.

    This is the one i was keen until I found the manufacturers page and it said it had been discontinued ..

    I thought it was too good to be true but this was the only one that did not need a mat and claimed to be able to have a stack of card that you could let just feed in automatically like a printer. Guess they were pushing the truth.

    Thats why i was wanting some personal input from people i trust.

    Larry Randi might like to know that some ladies use these to cut quilting shapes from material. I thought if i purchased one for my short term needs i would hand it off to Linda and get her interested in things she used to do in the past like stamping and scrapbooking but she could also use it for her quilting.

    But it aint the price i care about its whether it works and will do what i want. I dont wish to supervise a machine doing each die cut. Heck by that time i could have paid a printer to have a special plate made for me. Thought it would be useful as an alternative for being able to do some development on the piece i am putting together.

    I am also hot on the heals of looking for a printer now found out its going to be in the USA that has purchased one of these machines where they can make a plate and then die cut and for short runs. Check this out may interest you given your background. Its still very new machine really only got sold for the first time in Sept last year so there are only a couple around in the USA. Canadian sales guy is based in Boston and next week he is going to find me the printers that have bought them so far. Lets hope they take contract work in small quantities. You still have the plate to make so my jury is still out on what sort of quantity makes the whole run economical. But think about it this kind of machine could be a game changer for small businesses looking to use die cut printed material to have impact.

    I may just settle for the good old vinyl cutter i was going to get and be done with it and get a two for one in the process if i have to do one at a time. That way i could at least use wide card and maybe triple up at a time.

    So if anyone has experience of these I am looking to cut letter side card with a pattern in it and have the machine run doing a batch while i do something else. So if your friend uses a mat it kills the machine for me.

    Thanks heres hoping this info will help jog memories.

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    If it's 1,000 of 1 size/shape I'd send to the local die-cutting shop ... cost: the die, 1 set-up charge ,+ ~$20/1000 (IIRC).

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    Re: Hobby Craft Die Cutting machine

    Thanks Ed check your pms.

    sent from s4

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