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Thread: Bandsaw Riser Block Installation...Help

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    Bandsaw Riser Block Installation...Help

    Well I got the Riser kit from Grizzly for my older Delta/Rockwell bandsaw. It appears to be same size..looks good but there are 2 pins on the ends of the block and one on each end is an inch off. If I were to get another one it might be same way ...wouldnt know until I got it here..Any ideas on what to do. I thought about drilling a hole in the block but I could miss that. I really need to make this work as it would help me prep my bowl blanks!

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    Did Grizzly actually claim their riser block would work on non Grizzly bandsaws? I had a Jet, and bought a Grizzly that was obviously made in the same factory from the same castings, but I can imagine a slight change such as the location of the alignment pins that would keep lawyers happy about copying each other's designs.

    If they claimed compatibility, go back to Grizzly. But if no claim by them, maybe it is time to explore if multiple alignment pins (in addition to super strong bolts) are required, or if a single pin plus a bolt is enough.
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    I'd cut the offending pin of and then use a dowel center or worst case some chalk or similar to mark the other hole and drill it. Cat iron isn't too hard to drill, just have to carefully along it

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    I used a Grizzly riser kit on my Delta 14"... I took the riser block to the grinder and removed the pins... the bolt will align the block with the original parts.... only problem I found was the blade guide bar that holds the blade guide/cooling blocks is smaller in diameter than the original Delta bar and tended to rotate slightly when it's tightened down, which is a trick in itself since the lock bolt on the guide bar isn't quite long enough to lock it securely, so I reverted back to the delta guide bar.... but the closest I can get the blade guides to the table top is about 5 inches... sometimes leaves a lot of blade exposed when cutting thin pieces... otherwise works just fine.
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