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Thread: A Quick Box For My Finger Joint Blade

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    A Quick Box For My Finger Joint Blade

    I bought a Finger Joint Blade from Forrest a while back the box the comes with it is, despite the warning on the box rather disposable, IMHO.

    Not really nice, and I have to tape it all the time to keep it closed.

    I fixed this problem by making up a quick little box to keep the blade set in, I used the iBox jig to do it, and in retrospect it would have been better to go with the smaller 1/4" fingers instead of the 3/8" fingers, Oh well, it will work just fine.....

    Simple and easy to use.

    Slide the lid into place and twist the small stopper and the lid is now captured and cannot come out.

    Simple, easy and should keep the blades in fine shape.

    Nice to do something quick and easy once in a while

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    Nice job. I still need to make storage for my saw blades. I think of every time I change a blade.
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