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Thread: Dressing table/Vanity for my grand daughter

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    Dressing table/Vanity for my grand daughter

    If you folks haven't figured it out by now, Abby is my favorite grand kid. We are best buddies. She has lived with us for almost all of her 8 years.

    She has moved a few miles away with her Mom Dad and sister and asked me to make her something special for her new room.

    The wood is all beech. I've never worked with it before. It machines nicely but has soft spots and random sticky spots. It presented some challenges but came out OK. I bought most of the beech from a frame shop that had about 30bf of rough stock sitting around for a long time for real cheap $. I had to buy a few ectra pieces from a lumber mill for $1.80bf.

    The inlay heart is curly maple. I tried to use rosewood but it was so hard and dense I ruined 3 pieces trying to route out the pattern.

    The finish is Rustolem Traditional cherry stain (best stain I've ever used) and 3 coats of minwax polyuretane.

    I made "secret" compartments in the drawers and seat to hold all the special treasures that 8 year old girls have.

    As usual, comments and suggestions to make the next one better are appreciated.

    I know, A terrible upholstery job. My next one will be better.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Dressing table/Vanity for my grand daughter

    Bob there is only one thing i think......that piece spells Abby granpa loves you very much.
    Well done Bob, i am sure she will treasure it. Too many nice touchs to comment on them all.

    sent from s4
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    I love that Bob, she will be a very happy girl I am sure. Grandchildren are sure special as you already know.
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    looks like she is one special gal alright.. never used beech bob, looks pretty nice and the crotch figure looks great on it.. well done bob
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    That looks great, Bob. Instant heirloom, if you ask me.
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    great looking piece, on the few bench seats Ive made, I make the bench seat hard and buy a nice bench cushion. I figure this way they can match it up to any color paint or linens they want too.
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    Wonderful piece Bob! Sure to be a treasure to be handed down to her own daughter.
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    Very nicely done Bob
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    Very nice indeed!
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    You know she will treasure it forever Great job Bob

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