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Thread: woodcraft bit sale

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    woodcraft bit sale

    woodcraft $5 bit sale

    select woodcraft import 1/2" shaft bits.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Yes. I got the email flyer yesterday and throwed some in my shopping cart.

    Also some pipe clamps [ Like I *need* more clamps. Sheesh]

    Haven't pulled the trigger yet. Guess I better before the free shipping over $75.00 expires

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    Picked up 4 of them Saturday at the store in Dallas, (along with a few other items I have to get pics of soon). Unfortunately they didn't have a 1/8" radius roundover in that brand, (only had it in the Whiteside), and the Whiteside I got cost more than the 4 Woodcraft bits. Oh well it's just money................right??????

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Out of stock on the ones I had saved in my cart.

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