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Thread: 7mm-08 Winchester

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    7mm-08 Winchester

    Rifle Cartridge Pen with Deer antler sanded to 400x, applied 6 coats of Med CA, buffed with extra fine steel wool and polished with Hut Ultra Gloss.
    The 7mm-08 is a .308 cartridge that has been necked down to accept a 7mm (.275") projectile.


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    Very cool, Les. I like that you are branching out into some of the exotic cartridges.

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    im not a hunter, not much of an outdoorsman, but I can see that people that are into that stuff will really treasure a pen like that.
    What a fantastic gift to give someone.
    Youre work is always so top notch. Its always what the finished product should look like, as it was intended to look like.
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    Another nice one, Les.
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