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Thread: Need another round of prayers from the family.

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    Need another round of prayers from the family.

    Not sure how to start this.... back in December Dianne went into the hospital with a septic blood infection and severe pains in her lower back.... after 3 months in the hospital and a nursing facility, the doctors proclaimed her blood infection clear...and released her to come home.... but she was still having the lower back pains.... we finally found a doctor that would take a look at her and made an appointment for the 18th of this month.... on the 17th she woke up as normal, struggled out of bed and into the bathroom, then into her wheel chair and into the living room for breakfast... in the middle of breakfast she suddenly couldn't form words and her speech sound like gibberish... I suspected a stroke and immediately called 911 and off to the hospital again... Yesterday the doctors confirmed that she had in fact had a stroke... actually several minor strokes.... and they also confirmed that the septic infection is back, this time maybe settling in her heart. Her Mitral valve was leaking and had what doctors called "vegetation" on it from the original infection and was leaking some... they are now talking about a valve replacement as soon as they can control the infection....

    As of tonight her speech has improved to the point you can understand most of what she says, but she still has trouble forming some words... fortunately, she hasn't lost her motor skills, the arms, legs, fingers and toes all work... but she's also having trouble with light sensitivity....

    Please add her to your prayers.
    Thank you.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    You got it Chuck. Keep us posted.

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    Prayers sent Chuck. Stay strong.

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    Absolutely Chuck.
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    Praying right now.
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    Need another round of prayers from the family.

    You've got it, Chuck. Sending my best.
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    On their way Chuck.
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    Wishing her the best and hoping for a speedy recovery.
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