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Thread: Belated Bessey Christmas Gloat...

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    Belated Bessey Christmas Gloat...

    Hey folks,

    Back in December I was one of the fortunately "secondondary prize" winners in the Christmas Bessey facebook giveaway. I remember someone calling me out on that, but I've looked and looked and can't find the original thread where that happened.

    Well after a bit of a delay my prize pack arrived the other day. (somewhere either me, or on the computer, or at their end, there was a mistake and they never received my original "hey-I-won-here's-my-address" submission.)

    So here it is, in all it's gloatworthiness:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Two expandable spring clamps -- I already had one and it is surprisingly handy.
    Four basic metal spring clamps -- These will likely mar the surface so I'll be careful in using them
    and four small clamps -- also good for small projects

    Big thank-you to Bessey. This is far bigger than I really expected. They have been pretty generous on these Christmas giveaway contests over the past 3 years.

    Happy Sunday,
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    That was me who spotted your name on the winner's list.

    Congratulations again. Looks like a useful set of clamps.
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    That's the same package I won in the 2012 giveaway contest. They really come in handy. I put plastic dip on the spring clamps as they are made more for metal work than wood work.
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    It's always nice to know that these prizes are won by a real person!! Congrats. Jim.
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    Get some clear vinyl hose and cut pieces for the metal clamps. Glad to hear you won.

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