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Thread: church door

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    church door

    Many of you remember Tod, who had to take a hiatus from FW for personal reasons, is building a door for my church.
    I am so impressed with the workmanship going into this project I'm nearly overwhelmed. I have always realized my personal wood working skills were limited. But until seeing what he is putting into this project I never understood just how limited.
    What he is building is/will be truly a door for the ages.
    The picture below was taken by Tod with his cell phone. Better pics later as work progresses. The circle will have a stained glass inset into it.
    The entire door is made with mahogany. It is finished with a high end two-part epoxy used for yachts and will be over finished with another high end boat varnish.
    Our congregation is small but we have already agreed, if we ever move to another facility the door comes with us.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Man that is looking fantastic Tod sure knows his stuff!!!

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    thats the cleanest i have ever seen tods shop lookun good frank and todd
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    Looks fantastic so far!
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    Was excited to see this the last time when it was just a pile of boards, no less so now

    And uhhumm is there TWO pattern makers vises on that bench??!?!?

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    Looking good. I take it by looking at the ends, the sides are laminated core (for stability)? I'm taking notes, a door is on my want to do list.

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    probably laminated to save money on all solid mahogany? great looking door.
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    Nice design, I like the circle window. That really gives it a unique touch.
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    That's gonna be a great looking door. Wish Tod would find some time to join us again.

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