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Thread: Ghosts in my shop

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    Ghosts in my shop

    Last night I was sitting in my family room watching TV. My wife came in and looked very surprised to see me. She asked who was using a sander down in my shop

    I went down to the shop to see my DeWalt ros DW26453 jammed up against my spindle sander and work bench running in circles

    I had used it earlier in the day but had been down in the shop several times after I used it. It was not running.

    The only thing I can figure out, besides very unhandy ghosts, is that the lousy,hard to use rocker switch dewalt puts on the sander was not fully in the off position and slipped back into run mode

    Ya I know it should of been unplugged but sometimes I forget.
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    So are you gonna sand the rest of the shop to match that spot?? I had a ghost turn on my shop vac one night. I ran out there with 45 in hand ready to do battle, but the ghost was gone. Same deal, switch just barely in the off position decided to come back on.

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    Well you are in Amherst. That place is what, about 300 years old.

    Who knows what had been on the property before your shop was there.

    Could be an old Puritan ghost experimenting with new technology--lol.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible

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