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Thread: Lego Tables

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    Lego Tables

    I posted earlier in the construction category that I had been out of wood working for awhile, but have recently been able to return and getting ready to break ground on the new shop if it will ever stop snowing.

    One of my favorite things to do is make as many hand made Christmas presents as possible, well that seems to have stirred up some interest in my wood working projects. Last year I made a Lego table for a friends son and one for my two girls. They have become really popular to the point I've done three more and have requests for another 2. The design is pretty simple. The only thing I haven't figured out is a way to make the tops so that when the kid out grows the legos, the top can just be flipped over and used as regular table. Right now if you do that, there will be 4 screw holes where i have the top attached to the base. Any suggestions on how to modify the design to make the top reversible?

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    the top is rather small, what, 24x24? why not just cut a separate top with each table you build, predrill the 4 holes for the z clips/wood buttons? whatever you use to hold top on with, and explain to parent this is all that's necessary to change over top.
    Im sure there are more ways to do this,like making the top a lift up, with some type of sleeve hinge that attaches to both top and bottom, just unscrew and reverse top, but an additional top is probably cheaper than buying hardware.
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    Cool table, Allen. I can see why you're getting requests for more.

    I'll second Allen L's suggestion of simply making a separate top that's been pre-drilled to fit the base.
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