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Thread: Television Cabinet a different kind

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    Television Cabinet a different kind

    Did not want to hi jack Daves thread but just for debate i finally found some cell phone pics i took around this time last year when i attended a RV show and stopped in to see one of the small homes they had on show.

    I did not want to look too much like a competitive spy so the shot is not that great but i thought it presented a nice difference for the norm especially in an open plan living room kitchen.

    The kitchen is in the rear as you can see. The whole setup is like an island. They were not moving the TV up and down so only open shots sorry. Very poor side shot of it open with the lift showing if you can see it.

    I think its a great idea in general being able to hide the TV and only bring it out when really wanted.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had a living room / kitchen combination many years ago . . . it was called a studio apartment . Seriously though, I have seen flat panel lift mechanisms built into some really beautiful pieces on the forums. Cool idea.
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