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Thread: Rockwell table saw Model 6200 - Parts needed

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    Rockwell table saw Model 6200 - Parts needed

    [B]Rockwell 9" Table Saw Model 6200[/B]
    This is an older but good model table saw but unfortunately my tilt mechanism no longer works. The problem is the tilt shaft nut (part #417-97-090-0001) has sheared off at the quadrant. Parts for this saw are no longer available. The nut is made of brass so I can't even weld it back together and I can't get a machine shop to make one up. Does anyone have parts available for this saw ??

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    Listing your location would help. There may be someone near you to help. There are also retired machinists who could make you what you need. Google Machinists forums to see if one is nearby. We might be able to help but we need more information. Good luck.

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