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Thread: Workbench and Cabinet Done!

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    Workbench and Cabinet Done!

    I finally finished my workbench and decided I needed a small overhead cabinet for glue, screws and other nicknacks. All I need to do it sand and poly.


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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Well done Kevin. That looks like a great place to work.
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    Way to go Kevin! I can see you spending many enjoyable hours there. Grab a stool, park your butt & enjoy! You'll have your own little corner of the world.
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    Where's the build pics man? Here I had a whole bowl of hoping to watch.

    I'm kidding...not really...well I am...

    Those turned out nice. Looks like you could use some "electriks" as Frank would say. I couldn't find a link on the HF site, but they used to carry these...

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    Great work bench. That looks huge. What is the size? Like Darren, I feel like you deprived us of the build though.
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    Beautiful work area.

    You did such a nice job there.

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    Looks great. The knotty pine walls are a nice touch too.
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