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Thread: It's Friday! - 3/28/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 3/28/2014 Edition

    It's at least warming up here, hope the rest of you are starting to see spring pop in your area. I've got some trim to paint and another coat to do on the sunroom yet, but hoping to clean things up this weekend. I've got a valance project to do for my wife, which will involve some pocket screws lots of padding and staples, then I'm hoping to get the carpet out of my daughter's bedroom and get some new flooring down, maybe the closets too, so going to be a busy weekend, only two more left before my daughter's baby shower.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Really? Already? Where does the time go? It was only "yesterday" that we posted last Friday's events & plans.

    Well, I'm now locked into a couple more bandsaw boxes for a young niece & my daughter. An elephant & a wolf figure respectively. One think I did this time around was to reduce the depth to 3" to keep it within the sanding limits of my Ridgid belt/spindle sander. Hate it when the washer bumps the wood! Also trying to minimize the tight curves so the 1/2" spindle will fit & sand. Still, a good number of tight fits that will require a lot of detail hand sanding.

    Weather-wise, we are in for some heavy rain this weekend from Sat afternoon through late Sun night, then warmer weather, perhaps even 65°F next Saturday!
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    Going to get my truck out of storage today. I hope I need it next week for some lumber hauling. I say hope because escrow is still hung up waiting on a lien demand that has to be paid off before it can close. This is an example of how working with the county will be. Hurry up and wait.

    I need to put up a storage shed to secure things like shovels, the wheelbarrow, the gennie, etc. Hopefully next week I can get an engineer to start on the septic plans.

    Busy week next week, so this weekend will be about preparing for the coming week. Also preaching Holy Week so I need to get going on the message as well. And then there is the book. Have another chapter to tweak before it goes out to the gang. And planning the next chapter is underway. Each day here so far has been crammed with things that need doing. But it beats sitting around playing solitaire. Maybe I will get the new BBQ put together!

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    No big plans for Sat/Sun - except maybe plowing the snow we're supposed to get Saturday night (4~6" predicted).

    As for today, Bill Grumbine just left a few minutes ago. He was nearby, visiting his daughter in New Castle, PA, and dropped by here for a visit while on his way to Columbus. Had a nice, albeit short visit. Always good to see Bill.
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    My new RC helicopter showed up in the mail yesterday so today will be spent chasing Coco around until Stacey catches me. Rocksmith guitar practice and maybe prep the hill for some planting in the coming weeks.
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    Need to finish up a flooring project and get ready for a small fence project I plan to do next weekend if the ground is warm enough. Saturday we plan on using up the rest of our firewood supply the fire pit on the patio with a few friends, but other than that we have no plans.
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    On call so I ain't going anywhere. Got a good start on the spring yard work last weekend and might do a bit more this depending on how the weather handles (could be rainy from the looks of it). Have a bunch of projects I could work on if I don't get sucked into something else first

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    I took Friday off - Monday also

    This is a nice 4 day weekend.

    Today I am working on Crown molding.

    I had to go and take down a sign I made for a business in the next town over.
    I used the wrong adhesive - now I need to do some major repairs to it.

    Over the weekend I hope to do more crown - maybe paint a door or two. The skylight opening in the kitchen is near done and needs painting.

    Soooooo - I am still remodeling. NOW - also sign repairs.

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    Put a timing belt and water pump om the Honda we just bought.

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    Feels like a Monday. We got hammered with a lot of work today. Then I found out an old buddy pasted away this week. Mike was a good customer and friend. He got Jacob a job in Construction when he lived at home. , Weekend has 2 birthdays , one tonight and one tomorrow then picking Shelly up at the airport Sunday. Jarrod misplaced a camera and a gun stock and has not done a lick of work all day looking for them. Customers have been in and out all day. Just a little frantic for a Friday !!!!!! So I'm going home . Picking up 4 pounds of cooked Shrimp , Plus ribs and laying back all evening.
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