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Thread: Sharpening help

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    Sharpening help

    I dabble at making Windsor Chairs.
    All I've made so far have simple bamboo style legs.
    Now I'd like to make some baluster legs and to that end I bought a Henry Taylor spindle gouge and in 2 weeks I've ground away about 3 inches of metal with still very little success. I have a wolverine jig with a homemade varigrind and also a 1 by 30 inch belt sander. I've watched many turning and sharpening videos but still need help.
    I live in the east end of Toronto.
    Hopeful Harry

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    Welcome to the forum, Harry.

    Whoa! 3 inches of metal in two weeks. That is a lot even if you were changing the profile of the gouge. You are probably too aggresive whil;e sharpening and if you haven't had success after watching a lot of videos then my suggestion is to find a local woodturning club and get some help. We do have a few members from the Toronto area. They might be able to help.
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    Welcome aboard Harry!

    Yep that's a lot of metal!

    Some pics of what you have on the gouge _might_ help. Also some idea of what sort of problems you're having with the turning itself. I agree with Mohammad if you can get someone local to poke at it you'll likely save days of frustration and banging your head on the wall (don't ask how i know )

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    Add a third welcome and a third suggestion to find a local turner to walk you through a few things. We may have a member here in your area who could help, but I'd also suggest looking to see when and where the folks at the Toronto Woodturners Guild meet up, and catching one of their meetings. You will very likely find one or more people close to you who'd be very glad to help you out. In general, woodturners are a very open bunch, willing to share their knowledge with new turners.

    I'll also echo Mohammad's suggestion that you are likely being too aggressive with the grinding. It should only take a baby-soft touch to the grinding wheel, especially on a smaller gouge. I've not taken 3 inches of metal off any of my gouges, including the ones that are 8 or 9 years old.
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    Welcome to the Family, Harry!

    I have a Wolverine jig with Vari-grind and found the Wolverine instructional videos quite helpful. There are also a lot of other videos on Youtube that deal with Wolverine products.
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    And a fifth...of scotch and welcome!! I have some Taylor stuff. I do find them a little lite on the handle weight. When sharpening...maybe a lighter touch. I just did mine 3 weeks ago on a Wolverine Jig and the are very nice. Grinding stone width plays a part, but with the steel used in the current market, high temps aren't a factor. Honing may work for you after the sharpening session.
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    What kind of a grinder and stone do you have??
    If it is one that comes on a lot of grinder then it is to coarse and grinding to aggressive
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    Re: Sharpening help

    Hi Harry welcome to the family.
    Pm me with where exactly u are in the east end. Perhaps if Ed Thomas is close you could meet up with him or if you near me, (King City) we could get together and i can see what you doing wrong. My bet is grinding wheel is your big issue.
    As Jay has said the ones that come with most grinders are way to course.
    Check out using something like this,43072,45938

    Also what grinder do you have? A picture, speed, wheel size would help.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions and also for the welcome. I'm sure I'm going to like this place.
    I'll pm Rob and try to post some pictures.

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    Welcome Harry. Good advise so far. Here's another video I found helpful:

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