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Thread: Ridgid sander modification

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    Ridgid sander modification

    Like AL I had to use my ridgid spindle sander to sand a bandsaw box that was wider than the stroke of the sanding drum. I was short a little more than 1/2"

    I noticed that a little more than 3/4" of the drum/sleeve always stayed below the base plate.
    Digging around in my cans of stuff that I toss miscellaneous hardware in that I've been planning on sorting out for 10 years I found some nylon bushings that looking like they would work
    This one is about 1/2" thick with a 1/2" hole. It fits the spindle perfectly. I think that I have more around somewhere but I know that Lowes and my local hardware store sell this size and many other sizes.
    I simply added the bushing to the top of the drum, pulled the sanding sleeve up until it reached the top and screwed it tight. Now I have an additional 1/2" of sanding capacity and up to 1/4"more with a thicker bushing.Click image for larger version. 

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    Works like a champ
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    That rocks. Well done.
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    Great tip Bob! I've got that sander as well, has annoyed me that the bottom never gets used. Will typically slip the sanding sleeve up to use it but depends on the size of the sleeve.

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    Re: Ridgid sander modification

    Thanks Bob i got same sander will look to do the same mod.

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    [QUOTE=Rob Keeble;398674]Thanks Bob i got same sander will look to do the same mod.

    Ditto and thanks Bob

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    Creative solution Bob! Thanks for the tip! I'm going use it for sure. In fact, I'm heading for the shop right now to see what I can scrounge up some bushings and/or take some measurements to get some at HD or Lowes.
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