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Thread: Phenolic tapped holes

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    Phenolic tapped holes

    Yeah this is not quite woodworking but it is in a indirect way.

    I have just pulled the trigger and purchased a Jessem phenolic router table top to go with my Jessem router lift i purchased a year ago and have not made a top for yet.

    Anyway to attach it to the cabinet i intend to build in the year 20XX i am using 1 inch aluminum angle iron.

    The top has predrilled and tapped holes underside and is supplied with 1/2" 10-24 cap screws for this purpose.

    I first ran a tap through all the holes just to clean up the threads (many were not quiet clear) .

    Now i am wondering should i bother to use locktite blue or not. Will it affect phenolic or best just leave well alone. I am thinking of the vibration that is bound to exist and dont wish to have to get inside the cabinet i make and have to tighten cap screws.

    I know of phenolic but have never worked with it ever. This is an "old" electrical insulating material to me but thats all i know of it in practice.

    Any mechanical boffins out there know what i should do.

    Could settle for a split washer and no locktite.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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    my router top has been made out of the phenolic rob and no locktight used and its held up for years..
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    I think I would go without for now. Run it awhile and see if they get loose. Then maybe think about loctite
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    Thanks guys will do the same, its easier too.

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