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Thread: CNC Craftsmanship

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    CNC Craftsmanship

    I have no problem at all when woodworkers tell me that CNC takes the "heart and soul" out of woodworking. To me they are simply in a state of "innocence" and have absolutely no vision as to what can be done with CNC and a highly skilled programmer operator - along with a bit of help from a great CAM system.

    This thread and the samples shown here - to me - are the epitome as to what can be achieved.

    To use the tools available - and the ingenuity of the mind to create something unique and beautiful.

    I call this - "Craftsmanship"

    Look at this thread ------

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    It is indeed "Craftsmanship", beautiful work. No different than someone that strictly uses hand tools to do a job, saying that power tools are not woodworking. It is just another tool that we have at our disposal. Didn't the old timers always look for a better way to do something in their shop that saved them time and labor? Times change and so does technology, if we aren't willing to accept the changes, then we get left behind.
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    I agree with Charles. Another tool. Some beautiful stuff on that page.
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    I agree. You are all right on !!
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