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Thread: Stool for the Little Guy

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    Stool for the Little Guy

    Necessity is the mother of projects!

    For any of you with children, I don't have to tell you the challenges of toilet training your little one. My son is probably about 90% of the way there. One of our challenges has been that he wants to be independent about it now. The problem being is that he has a hard time using the cheap plastic stool we have in the bathroom to get on the toilet. My wife found something that she though might work, online. However, I wasn't so sure that it would do the job. In looking at this 2 step stool, I said (probably like many of you ) "I can make something like that, but better!" My wife's response was, Ok, but it needs to be done over the weekend...... Deadlines Doh!

    So we put my son on the toilet, and I got out the measuring tape and pencil. I took the general idea of the stool that my wife had, and modified it to include two handles that extend well up beyond the top step. I also made it wider to aid in its stability. (Production count : 1)

    As my wife and I talked about it, we decided that we would like one for the upstairs bathroom, and one for the downstairs as well. (Production count now at 2) Then we kept talking and decided that I should make another one to keep at my parents' house for when we visit. (Production count now at 3). Then a day later we told some people that we know who have an inhome daycare about it.... (Production count now at 4) If only I could make some money from these things !

    Project Build:
    Now that I know that I need to make a stack of these, I made up a template out of 1/4 in MDF. Then I rough cut the 3/4 in birch ply with a jig saw. Then I used a pattern bit on the router table to trace the pattern for the sides. The steps are the same 3/4 in birch ply. They are attached to the sides using screws in pocket holes.(Kreg Rocket jig ) I will also be gluing the steps to the sides, for extra strenght. I rounded all of the edges on the sides and on the steps using a 1/8in round over bit in the router table.

    I did complete it over the weekend. There is still one more modification that I need to make before I paint it. I need to make a template of an arc to be cut out of the top step to allow it to fit a little closer to the toilet. However it is functional in its current state, and my son has take to using it. Now I still have 3 left to go !

    My Dad is a fire fighter in Buffalo, and my son has a tremedous fascination with all things Fire Department. Seeing as the side profile of the stool, looks like a firefighter's boot, I am going to paint it up to look like one. (Black with yellow strips & yellow toe). The 2nd one for our home and the one for day care will be stained.

    When they are all done and painted/stained I will post the pictures.
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    stool6.jpg   stool8.jpg   stool9.jpg   stool10.jpg  
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    Neat idea, Sean. I like the handle idea for functionality, and the boot idea for fun.
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    Pretty spiffy! That would work for girls, too!

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    Great execution! The handles have a bunch of uses - like Mom and Dad won't need to bend over to move it! My son has outgrown the need for a stool at the toilet, but still needs one to brush his teeth and wash his hands at the sink. So I think your stool will get a few years of good use!

    Just wish you came up with the idea a few years earlier!


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    Great idea. It will get plenty of use from your son.

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