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Thread: Anything fun for FRIDAY!!!??

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    Anything fun for FRIDAY!!!??

    Little bit of shopping, Cabela's, Reno Homebrew, Bank of the West and Trader Joes. My new Tormek will hit the doorstep today so turning tomorrow!
    Stacey is canning pepper syrup in the kitchen...hmmmm.
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    Working on three bandsaw boxes. Just received a 1/8" x 8 tpi blade that I'm going to use with the Carter Stabilizer. Then will try to get out for a nice walk. Exercise has dragged its feet a bit, so I need to shed a few pounds. The push-offs, stationary bike, elliptical exerciser & planks have gotten to the "real boring" stage. Maybe fresh air will help make things more interesting. otherwise a quiet weekend.

    My how times fly, one Friday after another. Will they ever low down?

    PS The 1/8" blade & Carter Stabilizer combo worked great on the BS boxes.
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    Winding down on the flag/display case for FIL - some final finishing steps today, then buff it out after assembly tomorrow. LOML and I will drive to AL Tuesday for a visit and to deliver the case.

    Saturday should be a little shop time practicing on a bandsaw box, checking my inventory of pen parts and some general cleanup.

    Sunday will be the usual - brunch followed by a lazy day and NASCAR.
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    Same ole same ole

    More Crown - and I am now down to depairing walls.

    I might get started on some ducktwork in the attic to circulate air from one end of the house to the other end.

    Still need to make the beam covers for my vaulted ceiling.

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    Tonight we're playing a benefit gig for the Boys & Girls Ranch at a local resort/casino. It's a black tie affair, so I get to see if I can still play guitar while wearing a suit. :rolloeyes:

    Saturday I'm going out with a nephew to do some shooting. I've got a couple of old shotguns I want to run a few rounds through (both are LC Smith 12 gauge side-by-sides, one made in 1914 and the other in 1916, and I've not shot either since I got them). This will also be my first time out with my new (to me) Colt 1911 pistol. Last weekend my dad decided it wasn't right that I didn't have a 1911, so he gave me one of his...a Gold Cup National Match model built in the mid to late 1970s. Rumor has it that this model is Colt's top of the line target pistol. I guess if I miss with it, I can't blame the gun.

    Sunday will be involve sleeping in, and catching up on various backlogged stuff around the apartment.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Fun for me lately would be to be left alone long enough to get something done in the shop . I can ask people not to bother me but, the backyard landscaping beckons .
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    Housework and getting a chapter out to the book team today. Wash the car and Bell choir concert tomorrow. Church on Sunday. In between, more writing, more drawing, more planning. Held up on the raspberry bush planting until I meet with the septic guy next week.

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    digging out from the latest snow, and after a rough week at work, doctor and dentist visits, after realizing that i had forgotten, just got the april newsletter out in record time.... lol
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    Re: Anything fun for FRIDAY!!!??

    If the weather gets better as its supposed to here this weekend then i will get more done on my new router table cabinet.
    May also attend a local Lie Nielson tool show at the Century lumber mill.

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    This is the last weekend before the baby shower, so got a few things to trim out downstairs yet, a valance to hang, pictures to hang, a whole lot of flooring to move up to the garage, and to get my tools back up to the shop. Over the next week we also have to clean the whole house top to bottom. I haven't even gotten started on the outside this year and got plants popping up under all the layers of leaves I need to rake yet. Need to get the shop back in order too, looks like a bomb went off in there.

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