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Thread: What not to wear.

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    What not to wear.

    The state branch of DMAT that our team is associated with is CDMSA, California Disaster Medical Service Assoc. I wear my T-shirt now and today at Cabela's. Strolling through the handgun dept, I'm drooling over my next piston, Smith M&P .40 two tone that I'm buying next payday. Big burly sales guy walks up and says "The only ones you folks from the republic can buy are over in that corner, we don't restrict our citizens or have any un-Constitutional laws in this state". I showed him my Nevada drivers license, but it didn't seem to cool the mood any.
    Word of advice...never wear California stuff in a gun shop in Nevada. Hope the brewing store is more friendly!!! On a happier note...Stacey and I have found the residents of our new home state to be some of the most gracious and friendly people either of us have ever met; even our patients say "Welcome to Reno!".
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    Re: What not to wear.

    So Jim i guess i better stay out of a gun store in Nevada altogether lol especially if i happen to be wearing a Canadian T shirt.
    Funny how some people behave and react.

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    Not only tee shirts. I have that little Canadian flag that Rob gave us at BW last summer stuck next to the TV. Had the dish guy tuning things in and he remarked, "Ahhh! A fellow Canadian!." Didn't have the heart to dissuade him. I just smiled.

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    Sad what some folks do in creating an impression of the locals. Luckily you already know some of them and he's the just bumbling exception.

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    T-shirt or not, I'd be looking to take my business to a store that doesn't talk down to their customers.

    There's a guitar repair guy here in Albuquerque who has a reputation as a master luthier. He worked for many years at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and has worked on a lot of famous peoples' guitars. He's also into collecting very high-end vintage guitars. (He decided to move to ABQ a few years ago when he realized he could sell a single guitar and buy a house with the proceeds.) We'd never met before, and I figured this was a guy I should know, so I took one of my Mexican Strats to him to talk about a slight buzzing sound from one of the strings. I introduced myself and told him some of my own local history, including the fact that I'd worked as a teacher and guitar repairman at one of the local stores years ago. Despite that, he talked down to me as if I had never seen a guitar in my life, all the while name-dropping right and left about all the famous or expensive guitars he'd worked on or owned. I'm amazed he didn't dislocate a shoulder, as hard as he was patting himself on the back. According to him. he's pretty much God's gift to the guitar world, and I'm pretty sure his poop is odor free, too. He said he could fix the buzzing on my guitar for $50, although it seemed like he'd have to lower his standards to work on my lowly Strat, since it cost less than $5000. We chatted for a good 20 to 30 minutes, which was long enough for me to realize that no matter how good the guy might be, he's not going to get one thin dime of my money. He might be good, but he's not the only guitar mechanic in town.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I'm just sorry the guy was ignorant enough to think that California citizens make those laws .
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    I would have immediately asked to see the store manager & relate what just happened. Then, If I didn't get any satisfaction I would send a letter off to Cabela's HQ Customer Service with the store manager's name and advise the store manager of my intent. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable, Period!...... even if you are/were from California.
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    Personally I'd just laugh it off. Life's too short to get my shorts in an uproar every time I meet a surly store clerk. Besides that's how we treat folks from Massachusetts

    Now if he said something nasty about a family member that happened to be with me the cops would probably have to be called.
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