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Thread: Table Saw Accident

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    Table Saw Accident

    I had a bad kickback today on my table saw. When it kicked back, it was so fast, I had no time to prepare, I mean, I had no idea that it could happen so fast. Like a dummy, I was cross,cutting using the fence (I know better). The piece against the fence kicked back into my body and the piece to the left was hanfpging off the table and I instinctively reached for it when it cut my wrist. Obviously I'm ok because I'm writing this note.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE FOLKS! I nearly cut my whole hand off today. Don't know why or why I didn't because the way it went, that should have happened.

    Counting my blessings and thankful for my first aid training I received in the Marines.

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    Use it as a lesson. I'm a slow learner and had two major kickbacks several months ago both within a couple week of each other. Huge bruises on my stomach. Both took me to my knees. I do not take shortcuts any more! Glad you are okay.
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    Glad to hear you are O K Kevin, That is a scary thing for sure, and a really tough way to learn to be safer when using the table saw. I hope that it never happens again.
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    Table Saw Accident

    Scary! Glad you are okay.
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    Glad it wasn't worse than it was as it really could have been bad, we have all had moments like that and hope no one else will have one. Thanks for reminding us to think and be on our guard at all times...

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    Yup btdt but thanks for the reminder i got table saw work to do tomorrow and it always pays to have a wake up call. Glad you came out ok and still got all your digits.

    Besides the fence another way of having it happen is if wood clams up on the blade after cutting. For that getting something like this splitter makes all the difference.

    You can get them all over the place they relatively cheap and can be a blessing in disguise.

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    The important thing is your ok.

    The next most important this is do you know what you did wrong & what to do so it doesn't happen again?
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    Glad you weren't hurt worse. The thought of laying a wrist across a tablesaw blade gives me chills. Tough way to be reminded about safe techniques, huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Sadaj View Post
    ...(I know better)...
    Those are the three words most commonly spoken after an accident like this. Thanks for the reminder to all of us, and just know you're not alone, brother. Most of us have our own "I know better" shop stories to tell.
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    Scary, indeed, Kevin. Glad it wasn't worse. Please be more careful.
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    Yep, that was a double scary incident, Kevin. The main thing is you're OK overall. It reminds us all to think through every move in the shop.
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