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Thread: For you guys still in the Snow

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    For you guys still in the Snow

    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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    Thanks Dave, nice lyrics, but I think we can finally see our way clear. Optimistically speaking, I think/hope the snow is done for the season.
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    Yep...the South is a great place to live!!!
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    Very clever words. Our snow has all but gone however in New Brunswick they still got 80cm camped out on the ground and getting belted with Rain in the next few days going from snow to flood as it all melts.

    Sure has been a long winter, for me probably the longest since i came here 12 years ago. Worst thing was we never got the usual melts that took place in the past. This year it just belted us from Nov thru to March non stop.

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    That was pretty cool

    My back yard is almost clear of snow but the snow in the front and side yard will last at least 3 more weeks. There are so many trees that the sun has a hard time getting to it. This has been a tough cold, snowy, hard winter. I am so ready for spring.
    This is the part of spring I can't stand though. Everything is depressingly ugly. The roads have piles of dirty snow, the roads are covered with sand, branches down and dead leaves all over the place. Nothing green except for the pine trees. Winter is tough on my house and yard. It takes weeks to get everything spruced up.

    All in all I can't think of anyplace else I'd want to live. Except maybe Maui
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    I just spent a week in Buenos Aires (early fall in the southern hemisphere). Both Jenny and I got sunburned. When we left home on March 24, there was a hint of leaves coming on the trees. When we got home on April 2 the trees were completely green.

    Snow? What's that?
    Charlie Plesums, Austin Texas
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